What is Use case and Test case?

Use Case

Use case is a pictorial representation of requirements. It explains how the end user interacts with the application. It gives all possible ways of how the end user uses the application.


Usecase1figure 1.1

The above figure 1.1 is a sample use case of one of the requirements in the CRS.

In the MODULE A of the application, there are 6 features.

  • Admin has got access to 6 features
  • A paid user has got access to 3 features
  • A free user has no access to any of the features

Each use case must specify any preconditions that need to be met for the use case to work. Use cases must also specify postconditions that are observable results.

For paid user:

Precondition  – paid user must be created

Action  – login as paid user

Postcondition – 3 features must be there

For free user:

Precondition  – free user must be created

Action  – login as free user

Post condition – no features

Test Case

A Test Case is a set of actions executed to verify a particular feature or functionality of the software application. Test cases are used to validate whether the requirements have been met.

Test Condition can be a piece of functionality or anything you want to verify. In simple terms the goal of a test cases.

Example: Consider paid user of the above figure 1.1

Test Condition– Validate login functionality for the paid user.

Test Case comprises of steps to be followed to validate Login.

Step 1: Click on Login as paid user

Step 2: Input login credentials

Step 3: Click Enter

Step 4: Land in homepage

Customer gives the Customer Requirement Specification(CRS) for the application to be developed. The development team write the use case for the CRS and the use case is sent to the customer for review. If the customer approves it, then the approved use case is sent to the development team for design and coding. The approved use case is also sent to the testing team who start writing test plan and later on start writing test cases for the features of the application.


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